Become Millionaire In Just 12 Months From Blogging!

Became Millionaire in just 12 months from blogging!

If, you want to become Millionaire in just 12 months then you are in the right place
Become Millionaire In Just 12 Months From Blogging!

Yes you can become Millionaire, if you are passionate about a particular Thing or a Particular Topic which you are interested in. Show your Suppressed Talent to the world and become a millionaire blogger, sounds easy right but how can you do this thing in just 12 months??

Don't worry here I tell you guys how to bloggers that make millions in just 12 months, Blogger is a perfect platform to the people who had hidden talent and Blogger is a free platform you don't have to spend a single rupee on it simply create a blog or a website and keep posting articles about your interest Consistently. Set your own schedule and post articles regularly according to it.

You are going to become Millionaire for that you have to spend some money on purchasing a domain I mean at top-level domain  like.com.in.net.org.info and others costing around 600 to 700 rupees offer goes

At the initial stage you have to face the issue of getting low traffic on your website But when you are passionate about a particular thing Usually you don't expect anything in return just you have to  keep posting articles about your interest on your website one day you will get traffic that you are not expected and those traffic can generate revenue for you, but you have to be consistent and post regular articles to your website so that the people who are visiting your website, will wait for next article, if you are consistent you can increase your follower which will help you to rank in Google

This is all about Motivational lets see how create a blog or website

How To Create a Blog :

Step 1 : Logon www.blogger.com and sign in with your Google account 

How to create a blog
Become Millionaire In Just 12 Months From Blogging!
Step 2 : Enter your own Title and your domain name like www.example.blospot.com
Become Millionaire In Just 12 Months From Blogging!
Step 3 : Select your Beloved and adjustable theme, According to Google Choose simple theme to Rank 1st On Google
Become Millionaire In Just 12 Months From Blogging!

Step 4 : Click on New Post and start publishing new post regularly
Become Millionaire In Just 12 Months From Blogging!

I am doing blogging from last one year, but I had curiously Observes the blogging industry and I came to what the people in Top of this industry doing, according to it, i have pointed out some important thing to know, before Starting a blog.
  1. Always Create a blog which is simple looking and don't have Silly things, Google Adsene is the one of the major source of income for the blogger, so that your blog should follow the terms and condition, in which your website should be simple and all navigation are has to be working.
  2. Use Top-Level Domain For your blog like .com .in .net .org .info and others costing around 600 to 700 rupees offer goes, Because you have invested on domain to get something return from it.
  3. Consistency: The main Key to get success in blogging industry is consistency, you have to post at least 3 article per week, which makes a schedule in your visitor mind, and they will wait for next article every day
  4. Do not copy content from other website: plagiarism is a bad thing in blogging, copying content from other website and use those content in your blog is an illegal. If you copy content from other, all search engine have their plagiarism checker tool to track you guys, which will affect your Google ranking.

4 Ways to Earn Money on Blogger :

There are number of way to earn money on blogger, some of 4 Important Ways are as follows:
  1. Google Adsense : It is Google's Advertising network, which is the biggest among all Advertising network and provide high quality ads which tends to generate more income.
  2. Media.net : Media.net is an Advertising network of both Yahoo and Bing Search engine.
  3. Affiliate Marketing : All e-commerce website run their own affiliate program, in which you can earn commission for the sale particular product of their website and you can place their ads in your website.
  4. Sponsorship and Paid Reviews : Here You get paid for promoting others product or services and companies will pay as your Demand and Paid reviews includes that you have to write about a particular product as the companies instructed.
This article is about blogging and make money online and Becoming millionaire. Becoming Millionaire is not important in Blogging, but you can become millionaire by blogging if you passionate about a particular thing and if you are free post new Articles regularly, this is the best platform to explore your talent.
If you are doing blogging for only money you can't earn single Rupee.
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