How To Track Real Time Train Running Status In India

Track Real Time Train Running Status In India


In present modern and busy human life waiting for train in Railway Stations from long time is big issue, in the case of Indian Railway the trains always run delayed so to know why and where is your train delayed we have the official IR Train Tracker website [https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/ntes/index.html] by Indian Railway in which you can find the Train Running status and exact location of your train by just filling your train number and journey station from where you want board. The live Train Running Status will be available on the website based on Google Maps and these live data is updated by every 5 minutes by the Station Master of all station. When Train passes the Main Signal and even passes the signal Overlapping of a particular station, The Station Master will get notified by automated circuit installed in Signal Overlapping and then the station master will update the information to the website whether the train is reach the station or delayed or depart from the station. 

It is all about how the automatic IR Train Tracker works now see how to track Real Time Train Running Status In India:

Step 1 : Logon to the official IR Train Tracker Website by Clicking Here

You will land on official IR Train Tracker Website Just like below, the website's interface is user-friendly and it is very easy to navigate on this website as it is an official Government authorized website and clean to use.


After landing on this website first surf whatever you want and get information about Live Stations, Trains Between the Stations, Train Schedule, Diverted, Canceled, Average Delay and IR Train Tracker. In which you have to click on IR Train Tracker to Track Real Time Train Running Status and Live Location Of Train. You will be redirected IR Train Tracker Page in which you have to Enter the train number and journey station which you want to start your journey. 

Step 2 : Enter Your Train Number and Journey Station of your Boarding.


Now enter the train number and station which you want start from, that's it now you can get live Train Running Status on Map [Google Map Based] 


Here for Example i have entered the train number 16219 from Mysore to Tirupati, the green route line indicates that the train traveled and the blue line indicates the train still have to complete its way to destination. The Green blinking point shows the exact current location of the Train and on the right side of the website you get to know the information about delayed time and reach time of the train which is so cool.

So by reading this Articles you guys has cleared all your doubt about how to track Train Running Status and live location train in India, Although if you any doubts feel free to comment below, I'll try to get you soon. Don't forget share this article if you think it is useful Thank You.
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